Yogesh, who is a seeker, is always in search – of new theme, new form and new technique. His stay in Australia seems to have done a world of good to him. He has observed with growing wonder with different multi-ethnic culture in that country.
Afternoon, Mumbai-2002.
The one remarkable property of Yogesh Shirwadkar’s paintings of scenes from rural Rajasthan is that they bear the temperament of a flavoured story.
The Hindu, Bangalore-2000.
His paintings have been influenced by culture and places surrounding him. He is a student of Indian culture which is reflected in most of his paintings. How one culture reflects on another is what inspired him.
The Times of India, Mumbai-2002.
And despite temptations to stray into the modern mode, he has opted for a traditional, realistic approach. There is something essentially Indian in his creativity.
Afternoon, Mumbai-2000.
Yogesh’s eye for detail in colour valuable to the armchair traveler or anthropologist. He has taken artistic license in detailing.
City Express, Chennai-2001.
We have a series of paintings – among others-of a man (can it be anyone but Krishna) playing on the flute. Against quite a bright setting, Yogesh paints the figure in contrasting colours.
Afternoon, Mumbai-2006.